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Paracord Leash/Collar Combinations

From Sue Benedict, gagrvolunteers@gmail.com:

If you would be interested in a "paracord" leash/collar combo, let me know. I have a friend who is making these while out on disability. As you can see from the pictures (DJ is a greyt model) , it's a convenient set-up. The extra handle grip by the collar is very helpful for controlling your dog quickly.

All he needs is the measurement (circumference) of your dogs neck. Paracord comes in MANY colors and he even has reflective green and pink. I will try to get photos of additional colors.

The 4' leash length (shown) is priced @ $35.00. For $40 you can get a 6 ft leash & collar combo. Pick your color combo from a large selection of paracord colors.


WANTED: Greys and their people interested in volunteering weekday afternoons or evenings/weekends in the Pal-Mac/Farmington areas for Meet & Greets. Kings Daughters Library, Parkwood Heights, Palmyra Country Max, Farmington Country Max, Perinton Park Manor have all shown interest in having us there ....

If interested (with or without your grey(s), please contact Sue Benedict (315/538-8255) or gagrvolunteers@gmail.com