Sara Walter

This is our dear Sara, lovingly remembered as Sara Lee.

She came into our lives the end of August 2010 and we took her under our wings immediately. She was very scared and timid and in the beginning didn't even want to go outside for a walk. The slightest noise made her jump and cower. It took a long time for her to trust us. She came around eventually (2 years later).

She was sweet, loving, and funny. My husband and I swear she understood when we were talking about her and to her. Even though she had very sad eyes, we hoped she had a happy life with us. She was with us only 5 years.

We came home from vacation the end of this August to find a huge lump on her neck. After consulting and testing with several vets, we received the much dreaded news "round cell lymphoma". She declined very quickly (one week) and in much pain. We did not want her to suffer anymore so she found her place in heaven September 5, 2015.

We like to think of her playing and running in heaven much like she did on earth. We miss you Sara Lee. xoxoxo

Rich and Viviane Walter

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