Applications; Discussion Group; Memorials

Post date: Mar 28, 2017 1:55:50 AM

GAGR got in three new dogs over this past weekend; two were adopted immediately and a third is pending adoption (see Available for details). Ruby is still available to a non-cat (or possibly cat workable) home. Remember, if you're looking for a new family greyhound, your first step should be to put in an application at Volunteer & Adoption Forms. The same goes if you wish to try fostering for the group. Remember--GAGR does not run a kennel. We can only ask for as many dogs as we have approved applications and foster homes available to take them in. If nobody applies or volunteers to foster, we don't get any new dogs. There is never going to be a big selection of available dogs just waiting on the Available page.

Fostering is greatly rewarding--you make it possible to bring a dog into a home temporarily while he or she is waiting for their permanent family. True, you might get some of the bumpier first days for a dog that's possibly not lived in a home before and needs some guidance; and you might miss them when they're gone; but all the vet and food costs are paid by the group and it's great fun seeing their personalities emerge from their initial nervousness (although in some cases they settle in and learn how to behave way more quickly than you would expect). Just think of it as open-ended dog sitting. And really, would it be the worst thing in the world to 'fail' fostering (that is, adopting when you find you can't let them go)? (Although of course this tends to limit our pool of available foster families over time. :)

In other news, GAGR has a new private discussion group on Facebook for adopters, foster families, and volunteers. If you're one of those, feel free to request info via

And the bad news last, there are three new memorials posted--one for Tara Snyder, one for Lucky Snyder, and one for my own girl, Jiffy.