(Iowa Kissamee)

10/22/1998 - 11/20/2006

Baby (Iowa Kissamee) truly was a Foster 101 Failure!She come into our

home and stole my heart along with my Mother's. My Mother suffered from dementia and Baby was truly her therapy. All Baby wanted was love and affection and a spot on the couch next to Mom. Many afternoons, I would walk into the house after work and hear my Mother talking up a storm with

someone. That someone was Baby! Baby would sit next to Mom and

listen to her explain the movie that "they" were watching together.

After my Mom passed away, Baby stayed to herself. But when she had that

need for attention, there were many times I spilled my coffee cup as that cold

black nose nudged my arm. Sly and Jillie (the seniors in my home) still wait for Baby to join them before they will start eating. They know she's missing from the "family" dining area.

I'm sure Baby is on the other side of the rainbow getting the latest "PG" movie explained to her! She is truly missed by those that she left behind.

Wanda Fish & Family

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