Mallory McClary

Mallory McClary

Mallory (Swift Operator)

Born 1/15/2001

Adopted by Nan, Marty and Allison McClary in March 2005

Died 08/24/2012

Mallory came to us as a returned dog. She was nervous, underweight and had severe separation anxiety. The adopters who had her for 9 months tried everything, but she was an anxious wreck and GAGR encouraged them to return her. I told my husband Marty that she “called to me” so we took her in. The first year with her was a real trial because she was not happy when she got left at home even though she had other greyhounds to keep her company. Barking, peeing in the crate, panting, and pacing-she did it all. It was not a fun time for the McClary family! She was a friendly, outgoing dog and the mantra we recited when her anxiety issues overwhelmed us was, “At least she’s friendly!” We stuck with her and eventually she could be left uncrated and she wouldn’t have an anxiety attack when we left the house. She even overcame her need to constantly follow me from room to room, although she did spend all her years with us sleeping right by my side of the bed at night to be near me.

Mallory was what I call a “diva dog”. She was queen and let you know what she wanted you to do for her. A sharp bark to let us know she needed to go out or in; a sharp bark to let us know she needed peanut butter or a treat ; a series of repeated sharp barks to let us know that she was not enjoying the long car ride. She barked when one of the other dogs was in “her” bed waking us out of a sound sleep. She barked a lot and always at an ear piercing level and her preference was to do it right in your face. It could actually make you jump in the air! If she felt anxious about something, she expressed herself with that sharp bark. Communication was a strong point for the Mallo-mutt. Fortunately, showing her love and affection for us was her other strong suit.

Mallory was diagnosed with bone cancer in her hind leg and we had her put down. It’s very quiet at the McClary household. We actually miss the sharp, ear piercing barks.

You were a greyhound with a lot of personality Mallory. We loved you even with all your quirks and we will miss you.

Nan, Marty and Allison McClary

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