Liam McClary

Liam McClary

Liam (Meyers) McClary

I’m the US Male (born 11/11/96, died 12/3/10)

Liam came to us as a returned dog at age 11. His original adoptive family loved him, but felt he was unhappy with changes in their work schedule. Liam was a little sad at first, but quickly caught on to the fact that the McClary household has lots of nice fluffy dog beds, daily walks and many treats are given out. He was taller and bigger than our other 5 greyhounds and earned the new name “Big Lee”. He ruled the other dogs and the cats with a raised lip and a firm woof. Nobody messed with the Big Lee! With his people he was sweet and loving and he was your lifelong friend if you scratched him at the base of his ears. He enjoyed daily walks with the rest of the pack until he slowed down too much to keep up. Marty remedied this problem by driving Liam to the road where I walked the others and letting Liam out to walk a bit with us and then loading him back in the van to take him home. As he aged he had to wear a diaper at night and when we weren’t at home, and his increasingly picky appetite made Marty into a personal chef preparing special meals for Liam. He is the only greyhound we have owned that turned 14 years old and we were thrilled to have been able to share the 3 years we had with this special boy. Rest in peace sweet Liam!

-Nan, Marty and Allison McClary

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