Memorial to Mac

(02-16-02 – 06-03-11)

By Sue and John Steepy

Mac (Coach McCready) came to us from Iowa when he was five years old. We heard from Brenda that he had been in a holding kennel for well over a year and was, in fact, the litter brother of (Coach) Danner, who we adopted in 2006. Our desire to reunite these two boys made the decision easy. They got along well together as long as Mac took the submissive role, which he always did.

Through Mac’s idiosyncrasies (many particularly Greyhound) he earned many “aka’s.” When he confiscated and chewed the cordless phone and cell phone (3 of them!) he was called MisterChevious. When we went for a walk and he saved just enough urine to mark all his important spots, he became “Mark.” He never lost the habit of digging in his bed to make a nest, therefore “Nester.” Mac took much of his fluid intake in the evening, and whenever he got excited, necessitating a visit to the outdoors, he was Mister Pisster. He always let us know when he had to go out, not by a subtle walk to the door and a stare through the glass, but by bounding up and down the hallway, hence “Macaroo.” John’s nickname is Hairy, and when Mac started his seasonal shedding he earned a name that’s a spin off: Very Hairy.

Mac wasn’t really one to run too much; he had done enough of that when he was racing. As he got older, Mac was content with his daily walks and his second career of teaching the graduate level course in retirement. His teaching method was by example - lying on his pad and napping.

He left us so suddenly and unexpectedly. But we are left with many happy memories of the sweetest dog we have ever had the privilege of sharing a life with. With his red patches on an otherwise white coat, Mac will always live in our hearts as our big, beautiful Butterscotch Boy.

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