Gibson McClary


Gibson McClary (Sly Loyal)

07/04/95- 06/16/04

Owned by Marty, Nan and Allison McClary

Sly Loyal had a less than illustrious racing career and ran Grade D at the Hinsdale, NH racetrack. At age 2 ½ this 75 pound, black male came to our home as a foster dog in October, 1997. He was a foster that I hoped to adopt to keep my female greyhound, Ginger, company. His behavior at first was not exemplary. Lifting his leg repeatedly on a potted plant, chewing the remote, and gnawing my favorite shoes were some of his activities. Brenda suggested I have a talk with him and tell him to shape up or he wasn't staying. He listened and I told my husband he could name him if I could keep him. Being a guitar enthusiast, Marty named him Gibson.

Gibson broke our "no dogs on the furniture" rule and went on to hog the couch for the next 6 ½ years until his death on June 16th, 2004. Unlike our more active greyhounds, he fit the "40 mile an hour couch potato" description perfectly. Gibson was the alpha of our dogs. He was the king, ruling over his greyhound subjects from his favorite chair or the couch. He led the barking when I came home from work. My daughter always felt safe with Gibson around because he had such a big bark that delivery people took note. Little did they know that once you walked in the door Gibson became a big "let me kiss your face" wuss.

We always used to say that Gibson was the George Harrison of the dogs. He was the quiet one, undemanding of the spotlight. He was an easy keeper.

Gibson was our introduction to male greyhounds. He was so nice it led us to adopt 3 more males. Gibson, we miss your white face and the way you teased for a daily walk. You were a good boy. We miss you and we will always remember you!

By Nan McClary

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