Shata Zack

Shata Zack


Born 8/16/2003

Adopted 4/26/2007

Died 8/30/2010

Zack came to us from Melbourne, FL. I had seen his picture on GPA-CF’s Special Needs page of their website and he was just what I was looking for; a shy, cat friendly black male. I watched the website and pestered my husband until he was worn down enough to say yes. I always feel the shy ones calling out to me and fortunately my husband and daughter humor me and take on the task of helping a shy greyhound adjust to retirement. Zack was a tall, skinny boy who loved his walks, was perfect with our menagerie of cats and was actually not as shy as we had expected. His overbite was an added bonus and we loved to admire it. He accepted his spot at the bottom of the pecking order of our pack of greyhounds without complaint and was an easygoing, sweet greyhound. A neurological problem stole him from us too soon, but he is remembered with love and affection and deep regret that we only had 3 years together. Zack leaves behind his human family, our other 5 greyhounds, numerous cats, and 2 littermates, Sarah and Shady, who were also adopted in the Rochester area..

-Nan, Marty and Allison McClary

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