Harry Update and Rumors

Post date: Feb 3, 2016 8:00:01 PM

We’d like to clear up some rumors that seem to be circulating in the adoption community:

1) It was a special haul to try to help the group in Miami that took in the confiscated dogs. Kudos to the Miami group for taking on that challenge and helping the dogs removed from the other adoption group so they can find homes.

2) It was a professional haul. The dogs were muzzled and they were checked on periodically. There was no sign of a problem during the haul as the dogs were up and wagging when checked upon.

3) The haul took many hours because it left from Florida and ended in CT. We use this same hauler every time we get dogs from FL and are appreciative of the help getting greyhounds to NYS. Would it be nice if the dogs could all ride separately or even ride up from FL in the comfort of a minivan? Sure. Is it economically feasible? No.

4) Upon arrival in CT, Harry was assessed, given antibiotics and his front leg was wrapped. His leg was not infected.

5) Due to some rumors floating around we will say that: Harry does not have brain trauma, does not need surgery (although he was under anesthesia to clean and debride his leg at the emergency vet) and will go on to be healthy and adopted. He has a new family all lined up.

6) We are incredibly thankful to all those who donated to help us pay for the vet bills. We made the decision to take Harry to the emergency vet because it was a Sunday (regular vet offices were closed) and we felt Harry could use an exam from a veterinarian. If you have ever used emergency vet services, you know the cost is high and the treatment can be extensive. Now Harry will be seen by a local veterinarian’s office for the treatment of his leg and the costs will decrease.

7) We thank our adopters, friends of GAGR and our counterparts in the adoption community for their interest and support of Harry.