Are Male or Female Greyhounds Better with Children?

Both male and female greyhounds have adapted well in homes with children. Rather than choosing a dog to live in a home, with children, based on sex or color you want to choose a non-dominant dog of either sex that loves attention and being handled. This is because children are very much "hands on" when it comes to animals, often grabbing a dog around the neck to give it a hug.

A dominant dog of any breed may interpret hugs from little ones as a threat or as an attempt by the child to try to dominate it. The dog may react as if the child were another dog. If a dog is testy and child's behavior is appropriate correct the dog. Similarly, if the dog is testy and child's behavior is inappropriate correct the child.

Also consider that there is a lot of truth to the old saying: "Let sleeping dogs lie." Any breed of dog, if startled when asleep, might snap. Dogs can be possessive of food, bones, or treats. A good rule of thumb is to train your children to leave the dog alone when it is sleeping or eating, thus eliminating any possible problems. Children also need to learn that a dog is a living being that can feel pain. It is not a moving, furry toy