Lost Greyhound

Post date: Oct 19, 2014 3:53:29 AM

Note: This is from an email Cindy Bauer sent out to us earlier today; she's the 'me' referred to below.

Note: She is not a GAGR dog and is not a retired racer (no tattoos in her ears).

Here is what the owner "Ralph" told me:

"Maggie" went missing from her home on Briggs Street in Honeoye on Saturday, October 11th.

She was on a cable run and the line broke. She was wearing only a choke collar at the time, and did not have any ID on her. She is black with white patches. She is a spayed female, very friendly, and likes women and children.

The neighbors and owner have walked the surrounding area repeatedly without seeing a sign of her. The local highway superintendents have also not seen anything on the roadsides. It's possible she may have been taken in by someone that has not tried to find her owner.

The below picture is the only one the owner could provide to us and he does not mind us sharing it even though there is a little girl in it.

The owner's cell phone number is 585-474-6603.