Sophie (Pav P Boxy Lady)

whelped 11/8/1992 - adopted 3/16/1997

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge 11/22/2006

Our Sophie Girl wasn't boxy at all: svelte, patient, playful, true joy was her gift to us and her buddy chow-shepherd Sarah.

She pranced on her walks proud to be seen and greeted by all. All the

bedding was hers to rearrange, and we still feel the weight of her on our legs at night. What an appetite for life she had, egging on Sarah, doing the doberman bark, scrunching into the hollows, and always there for treats and pizza crust.

Even when she became feeble and couldn't do her favorite things without stress, she still was there to speak to us that it was all right for her to go. Sweet Sophie, play on the other side, and we'll see you soon.

Karen, Dave, and Sarah Meyer

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