Jiffy Pop Erkkila

2010-06-19 - 2017-02-16

Greyhound Data

Jiffy was our first racing greyhound and our first GAGR dog. We fostered for the group for nearly a year before finally adopting--and she was worth the wait. She wasn't just a pretty face--she had a big personality; super happy, loved meet and greets (although I think mainly she was hoping for treats). She had the loudest chatter I've ever heard from a greyhound--you could hear it all the way across a room when she was excited enough. She was a twirler and a great runner despite an old foot injury. She was the queen of the pack, never letting Tristi (our Galgo) forget that she got to tell him when he could run or not--but if any foster were to get too assertive with him, she was the first one over there to defend her little brother. We didn't have nearly enough time with her--just a month shy of three years and she was only 6 (a mysterious, sudden illness that both our vets and the emergency vets were unable to identify quickly enough to help).

Erica and Paul (and Tristi and Blue)

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