Roxy Oberman

Roxy Oberman

Roxy Oberman [MPC's Roxy]

Whelped 1/1/04

Adopted 5/7/07

At The Rainbow Bridge 6/27/08

It's hard to believe a year has passed since Roxy became a member of our family. I asked Brenda for an outgoing female since I dreamed of taking her to so many places. Roxy so surpassed any dreams I had. Her sweetness, sense of humor, intelligence and love of people and animals amazed me.

Each new season presented challenges and delights, tiptoeing thru first snows, winter storms “whoa”, chasing the falling leaves of autumn and summer heat. How could a Florida dog so wilt in the heat? How quickly she embraced central air conditioning! The long, long walks of spring were magical.

Roxy always trusted me to keep her safe and was open to all new adventures. She loved riding in the car, especially when it took her to a Meet and Greet, an obedience classe, a Pet Therapy visit or other dog related activity. What an ambassador for the breed!

Three weeks ago, Roxy began to limp, striking terror in my heart. She was too young and too healthy, I told myself. But my worst fears were confirmed by 2 veterinarians. Roxy had bone cancer. I felt my heart breaking. My sons were devastated. I could only console myself by knowing how much Roxy loved this year with me. We were so tuned into each other. The monster that cancer is struck with brutal force and speed. I promised Roxy I would always love and take care of her and this I did. My sweet girl, Roxy died in my arms 6/27/08 . She will be in my heart and the hearts of those who loved her forever.

Joi Oberman.


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