Cody Myers

Cody Myers

Cody Myers

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April, 2003 – November 24, 2011

We did not feel very grateful on Thanksgiving Day last year as our beloved Cody went to the Rainbow Bridge on our national day of gratitude. It has taken me until today, 3 months later, to write his memorial, so great was the shock and so hard has been the loss. Cody had not been ill and, in fact, had spent blissful hours the previous day, “resting” (he was a greyt rester!) and watching my grand daughter Anja and I prepare dishes for the Thanksgiving feast. But in the early hours of Thanksgiving morning he became very ill, and a trip to Veterinary Specialists emergency service revealed he had suffered a spontaneous pneumothorax (a leak in his lung). It had been sudden and likely due to some underlying lung disease; we did not allow him to suffer and within no time he was gone.

Cody came to us from Melbourne in 2006 and quickly became a beloved member of our family. He was calm and sweet from day one … but his affectionate and silly side took a while longer to emerge. Once it did, life was never the same. He loved his toys, his quilts, and his bed. Luckily for us, he loved his people most of all.

Cody was a consummate counter surfer, requiring the hiding of every food item. If it were out, it would be gone. Once, during an engagement party we hosted, when we were all standing not 10 feet away, he grabbed the cake off the table and was needle-nose deep in frosting before we could stop laughing long enough to rescue what was left.

Although Cody was a greyt rester, he got his inside exercise in bursts of playfulness, spinning circles on the area rug, sending it flying in all directions, tossing his toys up in the air and pouncing on them when they landed, and dashing through the house in short bursts of exuberance. He would then, of course, rest.

Cody loved his yard, especially one area of the garden where he loved to dig with greyt energy and abandon and then proudly plop himself down in the hole he had created. This gave us as much pleasure as it gave him, so we fenced off his part of the garden so we could have beautiful flowers on one side and he could have his digging hole on the other…. a win-win for us all.

Cody’s other outdoor hobby was chasing every small animal that dared to enter our city yard. He was a happy warrior, our Calamity Joe, with often-unhappy results: a squirrel slashed his nose (a real blood bath to be sure), cats scratched him, he was sprayed twice by skunks, and received a host of smaller cuts, scrapes and bruises from who knows what. He remained eager and undaunted all his days. His one true trauma occurred when he was attacked by a neighborhood Doberman and escaped with his life thanks to the help of neighbors and passers by. Despite that he remained calm, sweet, loving, upbeat and optimistic about life.

As I write this tribute to our beloved boy, I realize that despite our sad and traumatic Thanksgiving, we are, in the end, deeply grateful for the years Cody shared with us and the joys he brought. And thankful too, that he lived his too-short life happily, and didn’t suffer at its end. He was our very special, sweet, silly boy and he will live on in our hearts and memories forever.

Ruth and Gary Myers and family

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