Next Haul Date

Post date: May 4, 2014 2:41:57 PM

Hi everyone...I don't know if anyone keeps an eye on the 'countdown' widget over in the lefthand toolbar on our website, but if you do, you might have noticed it's changed a few times in the past few weeks. It's been pushed out a couple of times due to various circumstances...first it was going to be this weekend, then next weekend, and now we're looking at the 17th or 18th. Sorry about that, if you've anxiously been awaiting new dog pictures. We don't have much control over haul dates; all we can do is let you know when it changes. In addition, we usually don't get the information on individual dogs until a few days before the haul; so sometimes it won't get posted until either right before or right after the haul.

So far as I've heard, the only dog we still have in foster right now is Jug Head. He's a really sweet boy--he just loves to be petted and hugged and is always seeking people out for love. He lived with a small dog in his last foster home down in Florida, but his cat status is unknown. He *is* an energetic boy, but he might be perfect for your family! Please check him out on our Available page.

Remember, if you're interested in adopting a retired racer, your first step is filling out an application on our Volunteer & Adoption Forms page, or download the PDF form, fill it out, and email it to There is no obligation to adopt if you do this; it just indicates you're ready to consider adopting, and one of our adoption representatives will talk to you about greyhounds and arrange a home visit with their own dog so you can see what a real live greyhound is like and how one might fit in your home.