Suzie Q came to me in August of 2009 as a fragile, shy, and anxious little lady. She had broken her leg racing and had a number of screws and other metal components in her left front leg. After about two weeks, she had some weeping in her surgery site and I took her to the Vet Emergency Clinic. The vet removed all the metal in her leg as the bones had fused and sent us on our way with a load of antibiotics. After a while, I noticed that she was not acting herself and I took her back to the vet. She was diagnosed as having MRSA and was sent away, again, with another load of antibiotics. She finally recovered and was a happy and readjusted goofy girl with a smile, even after she threw up, which was often (no reason ever given). Then, the following year she started to act as though she didn't feel well and we returned to our Dr. Foley who did blood work and found that her kidneys were not working properly. I refused to give up on her so Doc Foley put her on yet another round of antibiotics and she eventually came back to life again. Then, a few days before August 7th she became very ill and wouldn't eat or drink and the light in her eyes was fading. I knew in my heart that she was dying and I took her in immediately to see the vet. Doc Foley's diagnosis was renal failure due to all the antibiotics from the surgery onwards. Suzie died in my arms on August 7th 20013. She crossed over the Rainbow Bridge that day and joined her fellow greys, Pumpkin and Pineapple, and has been smiling ever since.

She got over her shyness with men and I showed her that humans are not too bad, and she was a happy, silly, sneaky and loveable girl until the day she finally succumbed to renal failure. She was my success story and I will always be grateful to her for showing me that I did matter and that she loved me unconditionally.

Run like the wind, my darling Suzie, you are in my heart forever and I know you will greet me at the Bridge when my time comes.

In Memory of Suzie Rayner

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