Hooch McClary

Bart’s Full Tilt

Aka Hooch McClary

Whelped 6/17/2006

Adopted 12/5/2010

Died 12/5/2015

Hooch came to us from GPA-CF (FL) after I asked Dennis Tyler to please find me a shy, cat friendly, black greyhound. Many adopters prefer an outgoing greyhound, so we have often taken shy ones over the years since it didn’t matter to us. Wouldn’t you know it? Dennis had trouble finding a shy black male at that time! As it turned out, Hooch had been brought home to live with his owner/trainer after he finished racing and she was looking for a home for him. He wasn’t shy, but he was black and cat friendly and so he came north to join the McClary greyhound pack.

Hooch was a very nice boy. He had an easy going temperament; not super outgoing, but friendly. He was the only dog I ever took on home visits because he was calm and a good representative of an ex-racer. Hooch loved walks, treats, and napping on our bed. He had an uncanny ability to tell time and was the first to let you know it was meal time or treat time. The other dogs were always off by quite a few minutes, but Hooch had it down to a science. Hooch kept the other greys in line and was famous for snarfing at the other dogs if they came too close to his bed.

Exactly 5 years to the day we adopted Hooch we had to let him go and allow him to escape the pain of bone cancer. We are happy to have had the chance to adopt him and love him for those 5 years!

Nan and Marty McClary

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