Volunteer & Adoption Forms

Adoption Form

On November 6, 2018, voters in Florida passed Amendment 13 which will end Greyhound racing in Florida on Dec. 31, 2020. Due to a large reduction in breeding, there is a current shortage of Greyhounds going into adoption. Since February 2019, GAGR has had a waiting list of those wishing to adopt. We will post an update once we know retired racers will be available for adoption again.

Due to a backlog of applications and not very many dogs being available, we are no longer taking applications at this time. Thank you for your interest!

If you're looking to adopt or volunteer with another greyhound group, contact Paula at Foreverhomegreyhounds.com. She's in Albany but places dogs throughout New York State. If you're interested in greyhounds and other sighthounds like Galgos, Podencos, Salukis, and more, we recommend The Sighthound Underground -- they are based in the DC area/Virginia and adopt across the US and Canada. They have several adopters/fosters/volunteers for SHUG in the Rochester area.

Volunteer Forms


Due to our not at this time processing any new applications or taking in dogs for fostering, we do not at this time require new volunteers. Thank you for your interest (and see the info about Sighthound Underground above).

Reimbursement Forms:

Please use the GAGR reimbursement forms when requesting a reimbursement for purchases or Medical reimbursements. Please fill out the form and submit it to treasurer@greyhoundadopt.org

Use 'Blank_GAGR_Reimb_Form.doc' for reimbursement of purchases and 'GAGR_Medical_Expense_Request_Form.doc' for medical expenses.