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Adoption Form

Greyhound racing is coming to an end in Florida Dec. 31, 2020. Several tracks have already closed. There was an orderly process working to get all the ex-racers into adoption, however, the current pandemic has caused some tracks to close sooner than they thought they would.

There are a lot of ex-racers going into adoption right now. Although GAGR is no longer adopting out dogs ourselves, we are supporting Forever Home Greyhound Adoptions with monetary and fostering help. We urge you to donate at their site and if you are looking to adopt, they have many available greyhounds listed on their page and more are coming. They adopt to applicants all over NYS. Forever Home Greyhound Adoption is a non-profit and your donation is tax deductible.


GAGR continues to provide support to our adopters and will happily provide that support to adopters in our area who adopt from Forever Home Greyhound Adoption.

If you are interested in greyhounds, galgos, podencos and other types of sighthounds, we suggest the Sighthound Underground www.sighthoundunderground.com. Their dogs are sometimes fostered in our area.

Volunteer Forms


Due to our not at this time processing any new applications or taking in dogs for fostering, we do not at this time require new volunteers. Thank you for your interest (and see the info about Sighthound Underground above).

Reimbursement Forms:

Please use the GAGR reimbursement forms when requesting a reimbursement for purchases or Medical reimbursements. Please fill out the form and submit it to treasurer@greyhoundadopt.org

Use 'Blank_GAGR_Reimb_Form.doc' for reimbursement of purchases and 'GAGR_Medical_Expense_Request_Form.doc' for medical expenses.