Nari (Nar-Pod, Pod, or Nana as we often referred to her as) arrived at our home in April of 2011. We felt an instant bond with her. She helped us through some very difficult times. She was a very social girl, always wanting to be around people and other dogs. We always joked how much Nari would "hover," following me around the house. She was the definition of a lap dog; she always had to be touching you when you were around. She was such a good-natured girl. She would never so much as bark or growl, not even when her brother ran into her or stepped on her feet.Many times, we thought about having her trained as a therapy dog because of how she acted around my daughter; so loving and gentle, but she could never get over running out of the room when a spoon dropped to the floor. She had a very sensitive nature. If I even sighed loudly, she would know something was bothering me and start shaking. She would come sit on my lap, and I felt instantly less stressed out. She was literally the dog who never did anything wrong.She loved to run laps around our backyard, which my daughter loved watching and would giggle at the sight of her speed. My daughter's second word was Nari or as she liked to say, "Nana," which we continued calling her from then on.

Nari also enjoyed car rides and her daily walks, but more than anything, if she was with her family, she was content. She was a master manipulator who could always get an extra treat from me with her look. I will miss her cuddles and kisses so very much. RIP baby girl!


Your Mom, Dad, Brother Hobbie, and Sister Chloe

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