Also, Snooki...

Post date: Jul 31, 2015 2:58:02 AM

was adopted about a week and a half ago. Congratulations to his new owners!

We don't currently have any dogs available in foster homes. If you're looking to adopt, please apply on our Volunteer & Adoption Forms page; also apply there if you are interested in fostering.

Remember, GAGR has no kennel, so we can only ask for as many dogs as we have confirmed homes available for them--either permanent ones or fosters. Fostering can last anywhere from hours, to days, to months, but most seem to get adopted within a few weeks. While being fostered, the dog's vet care and food are paid for or provided by GAGR. What if you get too attached? Well, it does happen--volunteers have been known to 'foster fail' and adopt their charges. Personally, I like to think of it as dogsitting only open-ended, and you don't know who the owner will be yet. ;) We can always use more foster volunteers--sometimes people do it to get acquainted with the breed; some do it temporarily until the right dog comes along and they adopt; some 'fail fostering' repeatedly until there's no more room for new dogs; sometimes we take on a longer-term foster and no longer have room for others (especially in the case of harder-to-place, older, or infirm greyhounds); sometimes people just burn out and want some time with only their own dogs or want to prevent problems within their pack.