Emma, formally known as Hel's Shooter, came to our family shortly before Thanksgiving. Of course like any new adoptee she was uncertain of us and her new surroundings.

She was truly a "black beauty" who was very inquisitive and was often investigating every corner of her new home. She enjoyed racing around the backyard with her new companion who quickly became her best friend. Her love of crunchy toys was often heard in the early hours of the morning making us wish she would out grow her love of toys sooner rather than later.

As she became accustomed to her new home she would reveal a little more of herself. Though she had a very stubborn side she was very loving toward her new "Mommies." She often loved to bury her head in our laps appreciating long term neck massages. She then lightly lick our hands letting us know she appreciated us.

Sadly she was with us only for a month when she passed away rather suddenly just after one of her races in the yard. I can honestly say she passed away doing something she loved. Though she was with us only a short time she left us with so much more. She has left her paw print on our hearts. She will not be forgotten.

Laura Jean and Susan

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