aka Che Mar Cindy


Our dear little Lucy went on to Rainbow Bridge . Lucy was our first greyhound and taught us all about greyhound ownership. She had a happy life and was treated like a little queen.

In addition to her many wonderful traits, Lucy was an avid gardener. Her idea of gardening and ours, however, did not often coincide. As the photo depicts, she was very happy to have a truckload of mulch delivered each fall. Her day wasn't complete without churning it up and turning the pile into her own massive dog bed.

Lucy was also a tomato connoisseur. Upon her arrival to our home, I made the mistake of showing her our cherry tomato plants and gave her one of the tomatoes off the vine. She enjoyed it so much that she made a practice of picking her own tomatoes every chance she got. This always ended up creating havoc with her digestive tract, but I don't think she cared.

Cultivation was another favorite gardening activity, usually for the purpose of creating a cool place to lie down. When left to her own devices one day in the backyard, she dug up newly planted pepper plants and left the dirt all over Ricky, who was resting nearby.

We miss her terribly and know she is in a happy place with Ricky, Chucky, and Amanda. Farewell Lucy, until we meet again.

- Patricia Hagerman and Cindy Jones

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