Cat Friendly?

“Good with cats / small animals” is one specific trait in a greyhound that applies to their behavior IN THE HOUSE (their den) and is ONLY a measure of their tolerance of smaller pack members in that environment. It is in no way an indicator of aggression or other potential behavior problems. As a responsible organization we will never place a known aggressive animal. “Cat friendly” is also not an indicator of how the dog reacts to situations outside the home.

Many of the “No cat” dogs are classified that way because they are bright, confident and curious animals. As a generality, they tend to be more outgoing, interactive and fun / funny. They usually like to fetch and play.

There are many wonderful “No cat” dogs waiting for homes. If you don’t have a cat or other small animal in residence, please don’t rule out one of them because of doubts about aggression or antisocial behavior. On the contrary, they are often the most passionate, loving and entertaining companions.