Max McClary

Max McClary

Max McClary (Highplains Rheo)

Whelped 2/23/95

Adopted September 1999

Departed for the Bridge 5/23/07

Max was our second failed attempt at fostering. We gave him a common name, but he turned out to be an uncommon dog. They sent him east from Dubuque , Iowa in September 1999 and this stocky black male that jumped on us, raced in the door at top speed, and got into the garbage, quickly wormed his way deeply into our hearts. With Gibson and Ginger he formed the 3 amigos at our household. He was Marty's favorite because of his “doglike” behaviors, but we all miss how he snuggled on the couch with his head on your lap, and we loved watching him run laps with his ball in his mouth. He always ran faster and longer if he had an audience that clapped and cheered “go Max!”

Max was the best roo-er we ever had and would whine for petting if he felt you were ignoring him or when he was in the mood for it. He truly loved to eat- his own, yours, or any of the other dogs' leftovers. With Max, we initiated the saying, “watch my food”, which you would tell family members if you had to walk away from the dinner table for any reason. He was the only greyhound we ever had that was smart enough to bark to go out to the yard and bark to come in. (The others just stand there willing the door to open.)

With fosters and later additions to the greyhound population at our house, Max was always in the middle of the pack. He was easy going and so loving and affectionate. Over the years his black coat turned to tweed and he started to slow down, but he was still our handsome Maxer-dude and we enjoyed our time together. Max, you were the best and we miss you!

Nan , Marty and Allison McClary

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