Jag Mustaca

Jag Mustaca

Jag Mustaca


My beloved Jag has gone to the Rainbow Bridge today. He left a truckload of memories behind and filled my life with so much love and affection. He will be missed dearly. Jag came to me as a foster dog in August of 2002 and as many of us, I failed Foster 101. He had the same stuffed animal that we called “Toy Toy”. That stuffed bear or unstuffed, as it became, was with him every minute and became the symbol of Jag.

He leaves a very sad Mom, sister Courtney and his little grey Java who will grow up with many of his teachings. His daily sitter, Eileen was a favorite of his and my thanks to her attention and caring through his illness.

The first impression of Jag was always, “Wow what a big dog!”” He was big but he was a teddy bear!!

Be safe my Bud and say Hi to Mandy for us.


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