Starlight Mexico (Mex)

Starlight Mexico (Mex)

Starlight Mexico (Mex)

May 27, 1994 – September 16, 2006

Proudly owned by Dennis Swarthout and Arthur Meeks

How do you properly say good-bye to such a wonderful friend?

We were lucky enough to have him come into our lives on December 12, 1998, when his previous owner could no longer keep him.

He hit it off with our other greyhound immediately and they have been best buddies ever since. He helped her become a pet, since she had only been off the track for a few months and he helped her adjust to the good life.

He knew his place in the house and was very happy being 2nd dog. He knew he was always behind her when getting into the car, having a treat, coming in the house, or any other thing they did together.

He was the best at always waiting to enter the house until his feet were cleaned. He would even lift his hind legs when he saw the towel on those wet, muddy days. You can’t ask for more than that.

Even though he did begin to think it very cool to bark at other dogs, he would get caught, scolded, then yawn, like that was all he planned to do and the bark kind of snuck out.

The fondest memory of him was when we began camping and he wasn’t crazy for the steps into the RV or the whole experience. I got up the first night at 3:00 AM and was greeted by a look of ‘Take me home right now’. The next week, he was all excited to go for a ride in the car, until we got to camp. He took a look at the RV, turned around and jumped back into the car. He grew to love the campsite since he’d go out and stretch his legs, where he had room to run. His favorite corner to ‘go’ will miss his weekly visits, as will I whenever I see that spot.

12+ years old is pretty darn good for a greyhound, but he developed a problem with his vertebrae in his neck and the pain became too much for him. To give the man his dignity, we decided it was time to let him go be with all the other beloved greyhounds, wherever it is God places them.

With our deepest sorrow, but then our deepest joy we had these almost 8 years together, we say good-bye to the ‘Mexer Man’. We miss you and will cherish you in our hearts for all the rest of our days.

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