Ellie Penders

Ellie Belly

12/2001 – 1/9/2014

Ellie (Willow Run Elle) came to us in the summer of 2005. In the beginning, there was a learning curve (for all of us!)…house training, stair climbing, and sliding glass doors. It wasn’t long, however, before she adapted to her new home and we became her family. She enriched our lives in so many ways. Ellie loved walks in the neighborhood, car rides, and dips in the creek on hot summer days. She would curl up in a ball under the kitchen table while we ate dinner, and promptly come upstairs for bed when her family did. Ellie would have bursts of energy from time to time. The dining room table provided the perfect racetrack, squirrels in the yard were a fun challenge (until one bit her), and vacuum cleaners always sent her running. She got herself into a dizzy mess one day when she sprinted into our hammock in the back yard, became tangled in it, and did a complete flip before landing on the ground…if only we had THAT on video! When Ellie found a stuffed pink bunny in our daughter’s bedroom, they became fast friends. She carried it around the house, tossed it in the air, pounced on it, and brought it to bed with her, providing a source of comfort. A collar for every season, she was well-known in our neighborhood for her sense of fashion. She was also known for her kindness, sweetness, and good nature. Her fur was soft and smelled so good…we kissed her and snuggled with her all the time. She was a very loved dog.

Ellie’s health deteriorated quickly at age 12. A combination of physical and mental ailments told us it was time to let her go. We were heartbroken, but knew it was the right decision. We will miss her always.

Steve, Judy, Kyle & Bridget Penders

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