Hooch Wood


Hooch (a.k.a. BBs Firewater) Wood

Adopted, deeply loved & missed by the Tyler Wood Family

Whelped: 08/13/1996 Adopted: 10/29/00 At the Bridge: 12/06/04

Everyone knows the first rule when visiting a holding kennel is ‘don’t make eye contact’ because you’ll probably end up leaving a piece of your heart there. The first time I saw Hooch, he was the one not daring to meet eyes, sneaking quick glances from behind the wire crate door. He was a good boy, according to the kennel master, and among a few others who really needed to be moved soon. ‘Soon’ came the following weekend because Tyler agreed we could foster him. That had to be the shortest ‘foster’ in the history of adoption!!!! As soon as Tyler laid eyes on Hooch, he wasn’t going anywhere :-)

Hooch was a shy boy and not many people got to see him as he really was. He loved having his tummy tickled, slept in our bed (preferably with my pillow, thank you very much :-) and gave us a small miracle since he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma.... 5 months (which was longer than we had expected or hoped for) during which he was his usual happy happy self who fancy pranced and danced a jumpity side-step. His passing from us was too soon and will leave a hole in our hearts for a very long time.

Gale :-)

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