Hannah Wood

Hannah Wood

Hannah (a.k.a. Cape May) Wood

Whelped: 05/29/1992 Adopted: 07/28/01. At the Bridge: 02/19/05

Adopted, deeply loved & missed by the Tyler Wood Family

Hannah Banana came to us at the age of 9 and was our star foster for about 7 months before someone was interested in adopting her. We took her to what we thought would be her 'forever home'.. Well.... Hannah had other plans :-) Every day we would get a phone call. There were housetraining issues, she just didn't seem happy, etc... and we would give all the standard answers... "It's a new situation for her. Just give her time to adjust"... and, of course, as soon as I hung up, I'd cry. We finally told them to 'bring her home' :-) Why Hannah preferred the chaos of our home full of dogs over sharing a quiet home with just one other grey will always be a mystery.. but she did.

Inside, she had her quiet comfy corner. Outside, she played tag and raced for the porch with Buddy (who would usually let her win :-), sunbathed in the sand box and played Hide&Seek. Her favorite hiding spot was the ornamental grasses and you'd see her grinning and peeking through the grass, just waiting for you to say "I see you peeking! Boo, Hannah"... which was how she became known as our 'HannahBoo'. We discoverd one day she had even collected all the toys in the backyard into her own private stash in the grasses ... putting something by for her old age :-) Well, old age finally caught up with her. Somewhere, just the other side of the Bridge is a stand

of ornamental grasses warmed with sunlight and swaying in gentle breezes .... and HannahBoo is there.. soaking in the sun, adding to her stuffie stash and playing peek :-)

-Gale Wood

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