Jazmine Indovina

Jazmine Indovina

Jazmine Indovina(Crafty Jazzman)

Whelped: 07/13/96

Adopted: 04/29/00

At The Bridge: 01/04/08

I was away in Washington DC when I got the call to adopt Jazmine. Pickups were on Saturday and I wouldn't be returning until Sunday – I was worried that someone else might take my Greyhound. When I arrived, there was a small, petite, dark brindle girl, just lying there giving me the “Where have you been?” look She was smiling throughout the whole car ride home and when she arrived home she ignored the crate I had for her and went directly to her bed.

She was truly a Princess. On our walks she would always walk around a puddle, over sticks and always stopped to smell the flowers. Even times when I forgot I left the gate open and she did a “Jailbreak” she never ran far, I would always find her at a neighbor's house to smell their garden. She was even a lady when stealing food from the table. I would make a sandwich, turn to answer the phone and come back with just the top slice missing – she always left the rest for me.

One of the best mistakes I made with Jaz was teaching her how to walk up stairs. I only had to show her once and then she discovered my room. I would then have to race with her to claim a spot on my bed. Needless to say, she won and wouldn't budge for anything. Rattling the treat bag, the walk leash, shaking the coin can, even the spray bottle. She wasn't moving.

Jazmine was truly the Meet and Greet Queen. She always went around seeing everybody and everyone that saw her wanted to adopt her, but there was no way she was leaving me or I was leaving her. Even at home, at Halloween, the RGE man, she welcomed everyone, well, except for other Greyhounds. I tried fostering, but Jazmine wouldn't allow it. As far as she was concerned it was just her. Even when I pet other Greyhounds she would get up and remind me I was hers.

She loved racing around the pool. She would tear off out of the house, run round and round and I would laugh watching the turf fly in the air. She patrolled that back yard as her own territory. Jazmine didn't have a great race record, but that never stopped her from chasing the rabbit. Even the one that decided to try and dig a burrow, she caught that rabbit and brought it to me.

I can't believe it's been 8 years already though, seems like yesterday. I thought adopting her from the rigors of a racing life would provide her with a calm, safe environment. As it turns out, it was Jazmine that improved the quality of my life. Before you know, there's foot prints in the snow.

Joe Indovina

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