Maddie Loucks






Her name says it all, but in a word: Perfect. Maddie came to her forever home September 8, 2013.

She had a track related injury that gave her some scaring, but boy was she beautiful. She was fatigued and frightened when we picked her up, but she soon overcame the trials of travel. Within a week she knew us and her training of us was about to begin.

She was extremely silent, only barked twice in the house and twice outside, but she was very insistent. She let us know her needs day or night by flapping her ears, to get our attention and bowing yes to the questions when we got the question right. Maddie limited the questions to three or four so we would not get confused. Go for a walk, want some breakfast, lunch or dinner? Let's go out and get the mail, you get the idea.

Apparently I was not paying enough attention to her one morning while I was doing some program writing, so after I was finished and powered the equipment down she, Maddie, chewed the low voltage power cord in two as if to say ME FIRST! That was the first time I gave her a one sided discussion. The only other time I scolded her is when her leash swivel broke and she went to see a neighbor. I think my neighbor Ray was as happy to see her as she was to see him.

Maddie loved to meet people and she didn't jump up, just watch out for the whirling tail. I have nine granddaughters that would test the patience of Job, but Maddie was just great. Her love for people was unparalleled.

The walks in the woods and fields were closed in and for the most part non eventful. The only time she really wanted to chase was just before daylight when we both spotted a white, white tail deer and later when a squirrel fell out of a tree. Being mostly retired I was able to go for several walks a day which may start as early as two in the morning. Those walks were the most quiet and pleasant that you could ask for. Even in winter I never refused her. She deserved to have it as she wanted and I wanted her to have it. Was she spoiled? You bet, and I would continue if she were here.

I could go on and on with tidbits that would endear Maddie to just about everybody, but that would not be fair to the reader. The bottom line is we loved her more than words can say and we miss her dearly.


passed quietly surrounded by her family with my hand on her heart and tears in our eyes.

Dale and Patricia Loucks



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