Blue Erkkila

(Behind Blue Eyes)

2004-08-06 - 2017-08-31

Greyhound Data

Blue was our second racing greyhound. He was only supposed to be a short-term foster--he was already old, tired, and sore when GAGR picked him up from a home that no longer wanted him at 11 years old. We had thought about adopting him out, but he had mobility issues and needed a home that could keep an eye on him during the day and take him out when he wanted--so he stayed with us. He ultimately did better than we ever expected, perking up on various anti-inflammatory and pain medications. He was a sweet boy, his impatience (and scary snarly face) with younger, intrusive fosters notwithstanding. He was super fuzzy and loved a good hound-gloving (when he saw I was getting it he'd lie right down)--so fuzzy we called him 'greyhound of the north' (he much preferred cold weather in spite of his arthritis). He somehow made it to 13 and it wasn't even his legs that gave out in the end--it was his trachea (far too weak to get it operated on and he was having a lot of difficulty breathing). We may not have gotten his best years but we miss his fuzzy overbitey face.

Erica and Paul (and Tristi and Roscoe)

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