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Gracie Parker

Gracie Parker

Gracie Parker
 02/27/96 – 05/16/09

We were Gracie’s third retirement owners, (not including her race track owners). It wasn’t Gracie’s fault she had so many owners. It was just a series of unfortunate circumstances that it turned out that way. She was ten years old when we adopted her. Her racing name was “Give Thanks.” To say grace is to give thanks for all you are grateful for; hence, her name ended up being Gracie. 

We have so much to be thankful for having her be a part of our lives. She was the sweetest little girl with those big brown doe eyes looking at you when she wanted you to love her, or she wanted a treat. Most of the time she was that sweet little girl looking more like a deer than a greyhound. She had her moments when she wanted to play she earned the nickname “Gracinator.” She could scrap with the best of them. We’re going to miss her fancy dance moves in the yard when she would have one of her happy bursts of excitement where she would weave, bob, and circle about and then finish up with a few laps around the back yard. 

There is a pain in both of our hearts from the loss of our little girl. A pain we remedy with the love we give and receive from our other seven animals, (two other greyhounds, our mix breed dog, and our four cats). We give thanks every day that Gracie was a part our lives for the past three years. An appreciation for all she was to us that will never die.
The Parker family