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Abbee Snyder

Abbee Snyder

Abbee Snyder

Abbee came to us as a bounce. She had availed herself of a Fry-Baby (cold, thank God) from the counter of her previous home, and combined with other unnamed transgressions had made herself less than welcome. We had agreed to foster her, but after a couple of days, the “light in her eyes” came on, and it was obvious to all that she was home.

She was our little “hippie girl” – a free spirit that had no concept that anything that seemed like fun could be wrong. After raising 4 boys, our sense of humor must have been developed to the point that we had a wonderful time protecting her from herself and marveling at her antics. It did take us a while to figure out how she got ON the kitchen counters, but we learned to move the chair in the breakfast nook when we were out of the room. She set the house record in the oat meal scatter by spreading 20 packs all over in less than 10 minutes. Laundry always seemed to migrate to her crate. As the years passed, some of the more outrageous antics died down, but she never lost that twinkle in her eye.

She loved to lecture you. Any time she felt that there was something to say, she would look you in the eye and let loose with the a torrent of grunts, yips, and other “Wookie-like” noises that never failed to amuse anyone in the room.

She was the last of the “Gilligan gang”, the “Mary-Ann” of our trio along with Cleo (the starlet) and Sandy (the lovable goof-ball). They're together again, plotting their next caper. Heaven help anybody near Rainbow Bridge that doesn't have a sense of humor.

Bob and Kathy Snyder