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Who We Are

Cindy Bauer, President, Events & Publicity Director 

Cindy is the local account manager for Weschler Instruments based out of Cleveland, OH. She has sold electronic instrumentation for the industrial process control industries for the past 30 years. Her interest in greyhounds started when she first met them at a meet and greet in December, 1997. Since then she and her husband, Peter have adopted 4 greyhounds -"one of the best decision I ever made-everyday they make me smile." Contact Cindy if you have any events ideas at contact@greyhoundadopt.org or 585-314-0187.

Mary Jo Callahan, Vice President & Adoption Representative

For the past 10 years, Mary Jo has worked as a Web Designer. Mary Jo is now working for Nazareth College as the IT Business and Project Coordinator in the IT Department.  Mary Jo adopted her first greyhound in October 2003 and has had the pleasure of having four greyhounds in her life. Mary Jo started volunteering by making updates to the GAGR website. If you have any questions, please contact Mary Jo at maryjocallahan22@gmail.com or by calling 585-233-5052.

Nanette McClary, Secretary & Adoption Representative

Nan lives in Hemlock, NY with her husband, 4 greyhounds and 6 cats. She co-founded GAGR with Brenda Grammatico in November of 2002. She adopted her first greyhound, Ginger, in 1997 and has loved the breed ever since.  Nan is a retired teacher from Livonia High School where she taught Spanish for 31 years. Nan is Secretary and Transport Coordinator for GAGR. You can contact Nan at secretary@greyhoundadopt.org, 585-367-2867.

Peter Bauer, Newsletter Editor & Adoption Representative

Peter Bauer is a Senior Editor with Element K, a publisher and producer of computer training manuals. Peter lives in Fairport Village with his wife Cindy and their Greyhounds Penny, Rose and Daisy and cats Snowball and Luther. They adopted their first greyhound in April of 1998 and began doing meet and greets that fall to let everyone know what greyt pets ex-racers make! Peter and his wife Cindy do a monthly meet and greet at the Petco store in Pittsford and Henrietta. Contact Peter at editor@greyhoundadopt.org, 585-451-9902.

Rosemary B. Parker, Newsletter Graphic Designer

Rosemary lives in Irondequoit, NY, with her husband John and their "kids" - three dogs (greyhounds Brodie and Juniper, as well as non-grey Oscar) and two cats (Pino and Cleo).   Brodie joined the family in October 2005; the Parkers flunked fostering by adopting Juniper in August 2006. Rosemary can be reached at rbparker@rochester.rr.com.

Sue Bobo, Training Coordinator & Adoption Representative

Sue lives in Batavia with her husband Chuck. Sue and her family have been active in greyhound adoption for a number of years. Everything began for them with Patty, their first greyhound. With the help of her family, Sue has fostered, done transports, served on the foster committee, volunteered at Meet and Greets and done fund raising. Sue has a special fondness for shy and spooky greyhounds. The Bobo household has had as many as 9 greyhounds at a time, but they have just 2 currently.  Sue can be contacted at sbobo@rochester.rr.com.

Joi Oberman, Adoption Support Coordinator, Adoption Representative & Raffle Coordinator

Joi is a retired certified mental health counselor/teacher who now works part-time tutoring college and high school students. She and her greyhound Angel actively participate in greyhound Meet and Greets, nursing home visits and GAGR events.  Joi can be contacted at: dogjoi585@gmail.com and fundraising@greyhoundadopt.org.

Sue Benedict, Volunteer Coordinator

Sue lives with her husband Alan, grandson Christopher, mixed breed dog Jazz and their greyhound Nitro Deja Blue (“DJ”) in Farmington. She retired from ExxonMobil Chem-Films after 34 yrs of service and now works part-time. The Benedict family became interested in greyhound fostering after reading an article in Dog Fancy magazine and have been fostering for us since 2010. Fostering is a joint family effort that they all participate in and enjoy. They help to set-up and attend meet & greets to get the word out about GAGR and what wonderful pets the ex-racers make. Sue is also an Adoption Rep and “Buddy” for new greyhound owners. If you would like to volunteer your time, learn more about meet & greets, fostering or other possible venues, please contact Sue at gagrvolunteers@gmail.com.

Eileen Pavia, Fundraising Representative

Eileen lives in Fairport with her retired broodmom Lucina, and is caregiver to her mother. She adopted her first greyhound, Lakota, in 1998 after meeting and falling in love with greyhounds in Florida. As Lakota, her heartdog, began to age he opened her up to the special joys of the senior hounds. She soon discovered the broodmom (The female greyhound who once finished racing was sent to the farm for breeding purposes. Usually not finishing until they are 8 and older.) After adopting her first brood Anna, she was hooked and is an advocator of the senior greyhounds and specifically broods ever since. Eileen's mantra is  GREYHOUNDS RULE OUR HEARTS AND OUR LIVES. Please contact Eileen at fundraising@greyhoundadopt.org 

Josie Park, GAGR Facebook Administrator

Josie lives in Geneva with her husband, Ryan, step-daughter Alexandria and 2 greyhounds, Shadow and Harper. Ryan tried to convince Josie to get a dog for a while; therefore, after discussing characteristics and timing, they narrowed it down to greyhounds. They decided on a greyhound because of their quiet manner, they’re not yippy and they don’t shed very much. After going to a few meet and greets, Josie gave in and they adopted Shadow (January 2010). As the saying goes, you can’t have just one, so in March of 2012 they adopted Harper. Josie created the GAGR Facebook page shortly after adopting Shadow because of the love she has for the breed and to help with advertising the need for forever and foster homes. Also, it’s a wonderful opportunity for the greyhound community to learn about GAGR events and fundraisers.

Jennifer Gee, Special Projects Coordinator

Hello everyone! I am Jennifer Gee. I share my life with husband Jason and greyhounds Max and Jasper!  We knew we needed a low energy dog that wasn’t going to be too difficult to train. We did hours of research and found that the greyhound was the perfect breed for us. One home visit and four years later, I found myself trying to spread the word for adoption and attempting to improve the lives of those dogs that are already in their forever homes. We fell in love with the breed so much we decided to open our home to board greyhounds while their humans were on vacation and I continued to educate myself to further the quality of life for any greyhound needing to be placed or already placed and for their human too. Most situations are easy handled ,but my specialty is to step in when the going is tough … when the dogs are lost, or maybe we need to do some aggressive fund raising for a very sick but savable pup. Love is not only a dog who is adopted, it is also for the humans who dedicate themselves even though they work full time jobs and have families in the pursuit of finding homes for these precious dogs. I am so lucky and proud to be apart of this organization! I can be reached at jhildebrand@rochester.rr.com or Jentastictails@rochester.rr.com.

Erica Erkkila, Web Updates

Erica lives with her husband Paul,  Spanish Galgo Alatriste, retired racer Jiffy, retired racer Blue, and many fowl in Palmyra. They decided, with their non-greyhounds well into their teen years, to foster greyhounds as a way of getting acquainted with the breed and finally adopted Jiffy in March 2014. They continue to foster for GAGR and to volunteer with The Sighthound Underground, a Virginia-based group that rescues sighthound breeds or mixes. Erica works as a back-end Perl engineer at Software Paradigms, Intl. She can be reached at web@greyhoundadopt.org.

Our Adoption Representatives:

Mary Jo Callahan – maryjocallahan22@gmail.com

Peter Bauer – editor@greyhoundadopt.org

Sue Benedict – gagrvolunteers@gmail.com or greytdays74@gmail.com

Sue Bobo - sbobo@rochester.rr.com

Louise Byrne - louiseb@gmail.com

Carol Butcher - butcher218@yahoo.com

Cynthia Edmonds - wcedmond@aol.com

Peter Hans - Peter_Hens@gateschili.monroe.edu

Mary Hristo - mbhtwo@aol.com

Joyce Hunt - jhunt464@gmail.com

Amanda Joyce - puzzlepieceone@yahoo.com

Jill Livingston - tprjoesprincess@yahoo.com

Nan McClary - secretary@greyhoundadopt.org

Dave Meyer - david.meyer4@icloud.com or david.meyer4@twc.com

Joi Oberman- fundraising@greyhoundadopt.org

Dave Potter – dpotter@stny.rr.com

Sarah Potter – sarahh@stny.rr.com

Cathy Smith – csmith2@monroecc.edu

Shawn Smith – kirkland@rochester.rr.com

Susan Steepy - ssteepy@rochester.rr.com

Bob Snyder – thatkat@frontiernet.net

Jessica Walter - greyhndsrgreyt@gmail.com