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Cleopatra Snyder

Cleopatra Snyder
Cleopatra Snyder 
2002 -2008 
Cleo was our diva. She was drop-dead gorgeous and she knew it. You could see it in her eyes, always bright and confident. Perfect ears, rare black and white brindle colors, perfect lines, she had it all. She hardly ever ran for any reason, she was sometimes a dawdler on our walks. Running was below her. Chasing, however was another issue all together, and not to be confused. If it moved, it was certainly worth all of the energy saved up by her otherwise regal lifestyle. Squirrels never lost their appeal, but leaves blowing in the wind and laser pointers were equally in jeopardy whenever she was around. She loved to play fetch; she would sprint and pounce on the toy, then walk casually back to you.

She was a great companion, not mushy or submissive, but always glad to be with you. She would cockroach and smile at you when she needed her belly rubbed – not as much “I give in” as “Come on over here and love me”.

For all of her vanity, she got along well with the pack. She was a fascinating combination of alpha and omega. She was the one who would every so often try to “claim” a spot on the furniture, but she would let other dogs take food out of her mouth. If there is such a thing, however, I think that she missed Sandy to the end. They were the perfect couple

She left us quietly, if too soon. Mercifully, liver failure is quick, and pills make the last days almost normal. Knowing that she and Sandy are touching once again makes her loss somehow bearable.