Featured Volunteer

Derick Wigle & Josh Harris

with Bobby & Barnabee

Our love of greyhounds started during the Park Ave. Fest years ago when we met these amazing animals. We always talked about adopting, and after a impromptu Meet & Greet at Petco, we decided that it was time to commit.

We first adopted Bobby. He is big in stature and in personality. We wondered what we had gotten ourselves into when we saw him get out of the van, but we have been in love ever since that first day—we now call it "Cinco de Bobby”; it was May 5th. Bobby loves walks, snuggling and anything that squeaks.

After adopting Bobby, we knew we wanted to do more to help raise awareness for GAGR's mission. We did Meet & Greets to talk to others about adoption and the need for good homes for these giant "couch potatoes." We also decided that we wanted to be foster parents. We knew there was a big need for temporary homes for dogs that had yet to be placed in forever homes.

This was such a great experience, and we met some really amazing dogs and new owners along the way, many of which have become friends. After having Bobby for about a year and a half, we fostered another dog who would eventually become #2 in our house. Barnabee was a perfect fit with Bobby and quickly became his little puppy brother, full of energy and always keeping him on his toes. Barnabee loves booty scratches, giving kisses, and anything involving food. They became connected and have had a brotherly relationship ever since.

After adopting Barnabee, we wanted to become even more involved with GAGR. We became adoption representatives. This has been one of the best experiences we have had yet. We love being able to talk to others about the amazing experience of greyhound ownership and then helping them through the process of adoption.

We love being advocates for these fine animals. By speaking to others about greyhounds, we can hopefully spread awareness about how, as humans, we can help them live the happy lives they deserve.